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  • The Cannabinoids, The Beat Tape VOL.2
    All music was produced during a live jam session in Dallas, Texas.
    Introducing: in no certain order:
    Jah Born – HU-210
    Erykah Badu – THC
    DJ Big Texas – SR141716
    RC Williams – JWH-133
    Symbolyc One – NABILONE
    PicnicTyme – MARINOL
    A1 – SATIVEX
    Feat. HeadCrack on voice box

    Executive Producer: Erykah Badu
    Management: Erykah Badu & Paul Levatino
    Road Management: Big Mike Knight
    Legal Counsel: Ward White IV
    Recorded at: Universal Rehearsal & KLEARLIGHT Studios
    Mastered at: KLEARLIGHT Studios
    Additional Production & Arrangement: Mike Chav
    Art Direction & Design: Gavin Gamboa
    Booking Agent: Cara Lewis @ Creative Artist Agency
    Travel Agent: Jo Geltman @ ALTOUR

    (P)(C) 2012Control FreaQ Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    June 12 – 3 Notes
    #The Cannabinoids
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